85 Years of Great Writing – Review

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The title promises you 85 years of great writing, and that is what the book gives you. There are articles from every genre – war, politics, business, science, arts, persons of the year, society – spanning over a period of 85 years. The articles start right after the beginning of the century, somewhere around 1925, and the book ends as the century comes to an end, somewhere around 1999.

This book is a treasure chest. Reading it is going to give you such a vast store of knowledge that you can’t imagine to acquire in centuries. As you go through page after page, article after article, you realize that this has been a hell of a century. The most amazing scientific discoveries, technological and industrial progress, dreadful wars, a near-extinction of humanity, man’s first step on the moon, great works of art, and the births and deaths of people who achieved echelons of success are packed into a time span as small as a hundred years.

Looking at an article written in the 1920s and an article in the same genre written in the 1990s, you can literally observe the difference that is there in the lives of the people and in the way they think. It ultimately gives you the worldwide picture that has been evolving over the years.
There are some people who love reading the newspaper. It is a part of their daily lives. But suppose you want to read about the holocaust the way you read a newspaper. Would that be possible? No, because you did not exist at the time of the holocaust, and whatever newspaper copies might be archived are not accessible to you. The solution lies in this book. Every article is a fresh account of an event because it was written when the event itself was fresh. You can go back to the past and read about its present. This book holds the key to that time machine.

This book has articles about great people by great people. But the cherry on the cake is the article about Albert Einstein by Stephen Hawking himself. The end of this article is the end of the book, and it leaves you with a certain feeling of loss.

The magazine is aptly named “TIME”, for it is a chronicle of all that happened in time. And this book is an account of the greatest century ever. You want to know the world? Grab this book.

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