Are you ready to publish your book?

are u ready to publish your book - Are you ready to publish your book?

In the present days, just ask a random person about publishing a book, they say it is easy and just do it. There’s no need to wait. But are you sure if it is the right time?

Everyone has a reason not to go for the traditional publishing method. I am sure one reason is the time it takes for the publishing house to pick your manuscript. In this digital when time moves at a faster rate, everyone hates to wait.

Following are some reasons you are not ready to publish your book.

You don’t have a strong platform

A platform, the basic audience is the most necessary factor to consider before you go for self-publishing. In simple terms, if you don’t have a built-in audience, you don’t have a market, and hence you won’t be able to market your book. This is not just the case for self-publishing, lack of platform is one of the primary reasons nonfiction authors get turned down by traditional publishers too. You might have a good idea and write well, but without a platform, you likely will be sent away to build one — at least by large and mid-sized publishers.

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You don’t have the time or energy to promote your book

You are on your own as an indie publisher, and you must handle all marketing and promotion. Your plan must be strong, and you must be willing to do what it takes to let your target audience know your book has been released — and that they need and want it.

If you don’t have the time or energy to promote your book, if you don’t know how to create a book promotion plan or haven’t yet created one, or if you don’t want to help promote and sell your book, you might need to take a step back and wait until you do. Only then can you help your book succeed.

You don’t have the funds to put together a professional-quality book.

If you plan to self-publish, you financially back your own project. You will have no venture-capital partner — a traditional publisher — to provide the funding for editing, proofing, indexing, design, ebook conversion, and other tasks. There the question comes: Do you have an upfront budget?

If you can’t afford editors, designers, proofreaders and the cost of all the other necessities, such as ISBN numbers, printed books for reviewers and website design, you might need to wait until you save up the money. Wait a minute, you can go for crowdsourcing.

You aren’t ready to go social yet

In general becoming an author means playing it big. You can’t hide behind your book waiting for readers to come to it. It’s time to let the book reach your audience. If you don’t want to be social, if you want to remain private, you might need to take time and rethink. Successful authors get out there and show themselves publically in many ways. That’s what help them succeed.

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