Beneath a Rougher Sea By Susmita Bagchi

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Beneath A Rougher

The mind is an array of thoughts. What kind of thoughts traverse decides how our mental situation is molded. Beneath a rougher sea delves into the life of a psychiatrist, Aditya, who treats people with different types of mental instabilities.
On one side Aditya finds it difficult to balance his professional and personal life and on the other hand, he solves the issues of his patients and makes them at ease. Depression, delusion, hyper-sexuality, schizophrenia are all cake walk for Aditya but once his personal life intersects his professional life, his life takes a U-turn. His former love appears before him as a mother of a schizophrenic and a widow, thus taking him back to his college days.

The professional experience of Aditya is depicted with utmost authenticity. The unpropitious experiences of Aditya’s patients are sketched without an iota of exaggeration. Contrary to the cliches we have been witnessing in books and movies, authoress has succeeded in depicting the psychological problems as any other diseases in lieu of the prejudiced, overworked horrible scenes. The book throws life into the inability of the society to accept psychiatric problems even in this era.

The level of finesse shown in the narration of Aditya’s professional was lacking while depicting his past. The narration, as well as the dialogues, were amateurish in the flashback. The climax is refreshingly different. The authoress has shunned the cliches.

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 Overall Rating [usr 4.0]

About The Book:

Paperback: 278 pages

Language: English

Publisher:  Leadstart Publishing


About The Author:

Susmita Bagchi has published eight novels, seven short-story collections and a travelogue, all in Odia. Her work has been translated into English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Among her many awards are the Odisha Sahitya Akademi award and the Utkal Samman. She lives in Bangalore with her husband Subroto. They have two daughters, Neha and Niti.


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