Bowled Over By Priyanka S Menon

Bowled Over

Being a newbie in Juggernaut app, I was scrolling through the published books. Being a cricket lover, this book cover caught my attention. To be frank, the cover design made me buy this book.

I generally think twice prior to selecting an Indian debut author’s novel nowadays; a majority of them turn out to be disgusting.I am glad I chose to buy this book. I was bowled over by the simplicity in her narration. Author has given a contrasting reading experience with quick narration.

It is the story of a Mumbai girl falling in love with an Australian cricket captain. A simple story of Love, Friendship, Relationship, and Life.
Our protagonist(Malcolm Willoughby) is traveling from Australia to India to get his younger sister(Claire) back to Australia. His Mom and Claire arrived at Mumbai. Unfortunately, Claire had gotten food poisoning. Being a party person his Mom no way wanted to cancel her trip and go back to Australia. So she called Malcolm to get Claire back.

On his journey back to the airport he meets Asavari and all memories come back. He comes to know she is pregnant with his child. Even though their love is not lost, they don’t trust each other. The rest of the story describes what were the reasons they had to split. Their second chance at love.

The story moves between past and present in such a way that the reader does not feel lost. Priyanka has maintained a perfect balance between dialogues and narration. I must admit that my expectation was quite low when I finished the first chapter, but it turned out to be a good story. The only thing I couldn’t digest was having sex on a beach.

Let’s agree the fact this is a simple and interesting read for all romance lovers(YA). The only problem is that it is only available in Juggernaut and not in other formats.

Wait! did you know that she is the author of the book The One That Got Away and Served With Love? Yes, it was difficult in digesting the fact that she is the author of the books mentioned above. She should have published this book in other formats too.

Yes, my first purchase from Juggernaut gave me an awesome experience. They have a good GUI as well as most of the stories are simple and good. Don’t wait, go get the app from play store. The only drawback is some stories are not up-to expectations. For them, Sunny Leone is an author. But I agree with the fact it is good for an aspiring author to showcase their writing and to build a fan base.


About The Author:

Priyanka Menon is a romance writer and spoken word poet. Her love for romance novels goes back almost two decades when she was gifted her first romance novel for clearing her 10th board exams. Priyanka has come a long way since then, having finally written her first book, The One That Got Away (Harlequin). She credits her writing powers to red velvet pastries and white chocolate mochas at Starbucks. When she is not penning love stories or writing poetry, Priyanka teaches advertising to college students.


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