Cons Of Self-Publishing


In a recent article published in The Guardian, it was mentioned “If you self-publish your book, you are not going to be writing for a living. You are going to be marketing for a living.”

Even though I don’t agree with that author completely, I agree with the part where you have to spend enough time in marketing your book. To be frank, even though you go to a publishing house, most cases you have to spend enough time with marketing. They may help you in getting reviews about your book, but still, a major part is left for you to do.

You need to do it all by yourself or find a suitable person to help – You obviously have to do the writing and marketing, but you also have to do the publishing.You have to find an editor and a cover designer and work with them, decide on the title, get your work formatted into ebook, print and any other format you want and find suitable professionals to help.

You need a budget upfront for a professional result – If you are writing for a niche market or writing for a living this is the most important factor. A budget upfront. You will have to pay your editor, cover designer, for publishing.

Lack of sales and marketing expertise – You will have to find expertise in the marketing industry. If you need your book to be on the best-sellers list, this is an important factor.

Final Note

No matter what the medium, you need to do research to figure out how to market your book as best as possible.
Self-publishing does cost more money up front. You’ll need to pay for your own editor, for cover design, and other miscellaneous fees. But if writing truly is your passion then this shouldn’t matter.

To be clear, I’m not against self-publishing. I think both approaches win. In fact, maybe a “hybrid” approach is best.

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