Crazy Kind Of Love By Megha Rao

Crazy Kind Of Love

Has anyone heard about Megha Rao? Well to all those who don’t know her she is the author of the book Crazy Kind Of Love. Her first book (It Will Always Be You) which I read recently made me try this book even though there weren’t any reviews.

I made a mistake. Yes, you guys read it right. I shouldn’t have waited this long to buy this book. Anyone who has had read this book may say it is childish. Well, I admit it is a bit childish, but tell me who doesn’t like to read something childish, who doesn’t want to feel all those things that we missed once we were not kids anymore.We may have grown up but the childishness in us always remain there only.

The author has done a great job in the way she narrates from the very beginning to the whole end. This one is actually a simple lighthearted read. But you can enjoy it thoroughly.

Just as the name suggests, Love Is Crazy. So is the people in love.

A girl who was broken.A boy who was even more broken.Together, they decided to erase the past and write a new story of their own.

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It is been such a long time since I have read a story narrated inside a hospital.This story takes place inside a rehab.The story begins with Heer being sent to rehab from her boarding school, for her cutting issues. She tries to commit suicide whenever her past haunts her. She continues to have frightening dreams at night. All her classmates bully her because of it and call her a freak.

While she is at the hospital she meets many new people with their own problems.There she meets him, Shravan O’ Shah, the half-Indian half -Irish guy with drug addiction.He is everything that she should be afraid of and move away.He is a broken kid from a broken home and Heer knows there isn’t much she can do for him.

She has a bad past which she wants to forget forever but comes backs to her again and again. She gradually becomes friends with the guy and they travel together to all the places she dreams and gradually folding the story behind her past which she was always afraid of.And one day everything comes to her, each and everything about her family.

About The Author:

A third year undergraduate in B.A. English from Madras Christian College, Chennai, Megha Rao spent the first decade of her life in Singapore, only moving to Kerala when she was in her sixth grade. Megha started writing when she was six, beginning with comic books. What started as speech bubbles soon turned into short stories and then novels. Apart from being a writer, she is also a traveller and painter and an avid fan of Josephine Wall. Megha published her first novel Alice: The Netherworld in 2012 and its sequel Alice: The Inferno Conspiracy in 2014. She published her first adult novel, It Will Always Be You in 2015.

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