Crisanta Knight: Protagonist Bound By Geanna Culbertson

Crisanta Knight
Crisanta Knight

Crisanta Knight isn’t your average type of princess.Though she lives in the land of Book, where people’s destinies are decided by the Author, she is determined to live just as she likes. Stuck at Lady Agnue’s School for Princesses & other female Protagonists, sewing, being graceful and learning to be proficient at all the arts of being a Princess, spunky Crisa would give anything to learn the things that the boys learnt at Lord Channing. But when the Prologue Prophecy strikes at an unfortunate instant of time, Crisa’s dreams are set to shatter. Is this worthy female protagonist to take no for an answer?

Crisa decides to take matters into her own hands.Accompanied by SJ, the perfect princess, Blue, the tomboy, Jason, a longtime friend and Daniel, a boy whom Crisa detests, to say the least, she embarks on a spectacular adventure. A Magic Mushroom and sporty pegasi lead them to the Fairy Godmother HQ where they realize that something is terribly wrong.And the weird dreams that Crisa is accustomed to aren’t helping at all.

Thus begins a journey to save a godmother, to salvage destiny, to uncover the truth of what is wrong with the Book, notwithstanding that Crisa may be the next target.
Pompous Princes, nasty Princesses and fire spitting dragons may be the least of our Protagonist’s problems, it seems.

About The Book:

Paperback: 462 pages

Language: Engish

Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books

About The Author:

Geanna Culbertson adores chocolate chip cookies, watching Netflix in pajamas, and the rain. Of course, in her case, the latter is kind of hard to come by. As her dad notes, In California, we don t have seasons, we have special effects. On the flip side, she is deeply afraid of ice skating and singing in public. Although, she forces herself to do both on occasion because she believes facing your fears can be good for you. During the week Geanna lives a disciplined, yet preciously ridiculous lifestyle. She gets up each day at dawn to train and write. Goes to work where she enjoys a double life as a kid undercover in a grown-up world. Then comes home, eats, writes, and watches one of her favorite TV shows. On weekends, however, Geanna’s heart, like her time, is completely off the leash. Usually, she’ll teach martial arts at her local karate studio, pursue yummy foods, and check out whatever s new at her fav stores. To summarize, she’ll wander, play, disregard the clock, and get into as many shenanigans as possible.


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