Dawn Of Wonder By Jonathan Renshaw

Dawn Of Wonder
Dawn Of Wonder

I found out about this book about a year ago while browsing audible.com, and it had good ratings, so without even reading the synopsis, I added it to my ‘To-Read’ list. Finally, the day arrived when I decided to read it. And it was one of the best days of my life.

Dawn of Wonder is a perfect example of “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

The story is a third-person narration with a simple yet beautiful use of words that makes you immediately feel comfortable with the narrator.

The story is set in an era of Kings and Queens, naturally giving it a military flavor. However, the magical aspect is looked upon as something mythical, essentially adding conquests of discovering the answers to many strange occurrences. The story follows Aedan along with other fabulous characters on such conquests.

The presence of Nation’s Royal Academy adds the much-loved essence of comradery, which we also get to experience in Harry Potter, Kingkiller Chronicles, and Blood Song. Trust me; it is as good as these books.

Jonathan Renshaw has done a brilliant job writing this self-published book which leaves me craving more and eagerly awaiting the release of next book in this exciting series.

Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw:
“If you were to take that one heart and divide it among a dozen men, they would be a dozen to be reckoned with.”

About The Author:

Jonathan Renshaw is a former high school English teacher and music producer who now writes full time. He is currently working on the epic fantasy series, The Wakening, launched in May 2015. Connect with him here

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