Do you see yourself as a brand?

The Brand Called YouWhat is the first thing that shows up when you’re Googled?

Nothing!! Then the first thing to do as an author is branding oneself. Your goal is to fill the first page of Google with as many positive results as possible

Most of us do not see ourselves as a “brand”. Products and services like Apple, Google, Nike, and Levi’s are brands. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Sachin Tendulkar are brands. But the truth is, we are all brands. We are unique entities that stand for something.

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Building a website is an ideal choice for personal branding. It is the first place readers go to find updates and details about your upcoming or latest release.

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Next important thing is to create profiles on sites that rank high in search engines. Top sites to start with are

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn


While these profiles tend to rank high on their own, it’s important that you build them so that they are optimized for search engines.


Nurture Your Network


You should consistently engage your audience via social media and provide and curate relevant content for your audience that highlights your expertise. With the right platform, you are able to disseminate this content to your audience with one click. Building a platform such as a blog and nurturing and growing a community is rocket fuel for your personal brand.

Connect with Influencers
If you want to become known for your expertise in your industry, connect with influential leaders. By building a network of influential people in your industry, you’ll learn from their success and discover how you can become of value to them.

Creating an email list

An Email list is another important factor in building your online presence. It helps to get connect you with your audience.

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