Followed By Frost By Charlie N. Holmberg

Followed By Frost
Followed By Frost

A girl with a heart of stone,
a wizard who curses her to be a girl of Frost,
Death ….. cold that persists…. a hopeless life ahead..
Wow! What a premise.

Smitha faces the worst when she is cursed and her trials are told with a rare beauty with a touch of melancholia. Her situation would touch the hardest of us all. Her plight is told in honest detail. Her loneliness, despair, despondency is real. After years of mind-numbing loneliness ( excluding her conversations with Death ), she is approached by a foreign prince who wants her to bring relief to his drought-ravaged kingdom. She agrees, not expecting that heartbreak lies not so far ahead, that giving up what she wants with her whole heart might just make her whole again.

This is a fairy-tale and not for the faint of heart but to those who have the courage to proceed, why it might just strengthen their heart as it did mine.

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I am a reader through and through. I have been reading since I was a kid and have no plans of stopping…ever.

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