Giveaway Policy

By accessing the Giveaway Program, you hereby agree to follow our Reward Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition.



From all those who apply for the Giveaway Program, winners will be selected. The odds of being selected as a winner depend on the number of entries received. Sponsor and PenPencilReview reserve the right to cancel or modify this promotion at any time.

You are supposed to write an honest and true review of the book.

Reward Program may or may not exist for that particular giveaway, which will be mentioned in the signup forms.

REWARD will be given only if the book review is submitted within 15 days from receiving the book.

REWARD will be given only for the following:

  • Publishing Book Review on your blog (20 points).
  • Submitting the Book Review on Flipkart/Amazon (20 points)
  • Submitting review on Goodreads and social media sites (10 points) [Tagging PenPencilReview and the Author]

For books that are heavy read and requires excessive reading for writing a good review, we will assign a higher value to the points you collect.

Each point acquired will be equated to a value of Gift Voucher.

For contributors with more than 500 page views per day, the reward points can be negotiable.


If found failing to adhere the Reward Policy, all the payments will be withheld.