Is Self Publishing The Future

If you are wondering if you should self-publish your manuscript, or know someone else who is considering this, read on.

Authors now have a choice in how they publish and get their books into the hands of readers. Many authors are now hybrids, using both forms of publishing.The term self-publishing implies doing everything yourself.
Thanks to the advancement in digital technology in publishing, self-publishing has boomed over last 5 years. It has made it easier or at least cheaper to self-publish.


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Why Self-Publish?

If you don’t see yourself as making a career from writing, but want to create a book for a very specific or limited niche, self-publishing is the best approach.

You reserve your time – Most important factor in self-publishing. The traditional publishing moves like a snail. After finishing the manuscript it takes some time to find agents, publishers, and then again wait for another seven to eight months to get is published.
Here you don’t have to follow any of the above. Once your script is edited and proofread, it is nearly ready to be published. Find the best self-publishing house and you are ready to go.

You have the control of your story and royalty – When you get picked by a publishing house, you’re signing over the rights to your book. It’s quite possible that their editor will make you change stuff you don’t want to change.When you hire your own editor, you have the freedom to decide where to draw the line. It is still your book.

Sell by any means in any global market, as you retain the rights- Now your book is not limited to a certain location. You have the right to sell it worldwide. Thanks to kindle and kobo, you get a wide audience.

Getting into the world of publishing –

These days, when you self-publish and do well, agents and publishing agents will come towards you. You don’t have to beg and plead for attention. Books like 50 Shades, Everyone has a story were first self-published.

Either way, marketing is yours – There is a wrong belief that if you go with self-publishing, the publishing house will do the marketing for you.
A publishing house publishes many books in a year, so it is not practically possible for them, to promote and market each book. They only promote those books which have the potential in becoming a bestseller.If you go with self-publishing or with traditional publishing, marketing is all up to you.

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Bottom Line:

No matter what the medium, you need to do research to figure out how to market your book as best as possible.
Self-publishing does cost more money up front. You’ll need to pay for your own editor, for cover design, and other miscellaneous fees. But if writing truly is your passion then this shouldn’t matter.

To be clear, I’m not against traditional publishing.I think both approaches win. In fact, maybe a “hybrid” approach is best.


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