It Wasn’t Her Fault By Aakash Neeraj

It Wasn't Her Fault
I really don’t know how many have come across this book It Wasn’t Her Fault.You might have come across this one but never tried because it was a new author or lack of reviews.There are many reasons for which you have avoided this one. Once I was like you all. I only tried a new book only after reading the comments and keeping the book in the cart and checking in once a while whether the price has dropped or any more good reviews came.If this was the case with everybody, if nobody had the gut to read a book without following reviews may be many books will still be waiting to be a bestseller.

Words won’t be enough for reviewing this book.

“It wasn’t her fault” is indeed a great piece of work which touches your heart. It makes you cry with joy and at times it makes you depressed with pain.This book delivers a strong message with a beautiful love story.I am a huge fan of romance novels.Even my friends tease me for reading these genres and for watching similar movies. I have no intention of changing my genre, nor do they in making fun of me.I have read a lot of romance novels but this, this one changed my perspective completely.This book is based on a true story about two best friends and all the obstacles they face in their friendship.The two go through the journey of adolescence and discover dark truths about life in real but harsh ways.Kavya and Aahaan, two best friends, studying in a highly reputed school of Delhi, enjoy the innocent years of their childhood without a care in the world. They have their entire lives in front of them.


We meet them when they are 5 years old. And we follow their journey as they grow up. I felt like I got to know Aahan and Kavya very well. And their families too. The way Aahan loved Kavya was truly amazing.The book also takes you into some India culture that was very interesting. I liked the way it was written.When I first started the book, I thought it was yet another typical story of a teenager infatuated with his best friend but as the chapters unfolded I realized that this was not just another book.It touched the deepest recess of my heart by the time I finished it.This book was one of the best books I have read in a long time. 

The author has given a very good message through the beautiful Kavya and the great love of the friends. I completely agree with the author and I hope this will bring a change in the views of the society.Each and every character described here has a very important role in this book. Be it his dad, mom or sister, all of them have a very important role in bringing up a child(I can’t say a child cause his character is so matured at the age of 15) like Aahan. Kudos to such beautiful depiction of parent’s character.

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Something that the author has pointed out that need a change very soon:


  • Why girls are always blamed for this crime against them. Every girl convinces herself that IT’S HER FAULT. But how can it ever be?
  • Loving is not an act to be ashamed of. Love is not all about lust. It is the boundless care and affection. The sense of belonging. Love has no age. Love is not wrong. However loving the wrong person is.
  •  Rape is never a girl’s fault. It doesn’t make her impure. She has been broken, shaken. Help her in starting a fresh life. Love her immensely. Support her.
  • When a woman menstruates she is considered as impure and several restrictions are imposed on her, but when she doesn’t, she is banished from the society; a useless object who cannot give a birth to a child.


[tweetshareinline tweet=”It is not just a love story but a revelation of the dark side of our society.” username=”penpencilreview”] It is the story of many girls like Kavya who suffered to satisfy someone else ego. A heart touching novel.

This society needs a change.The author might have started the revolution but without you, it’s still incomplete.


About The Author:

23-year-old Aakash Neeraj Mittal is pursuing higher studies from IIT, Kharagpur. Living amidst heated crime news, women safety issues and discrimination, inspired Aakash to write the novel based on real-life experiences of a close friend. “It Wasn’t Her Fault” is his first novel, which was with an intention to bring change in society. He is passionate and ambitious in nature and aims to work towards building a better society.

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