Re-Telling Tales

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You might have heard about the notion “A picture is worth a thousand words”. For us, A Picture is worth 1000 stories. For all those who are wondering what Re-telling tale is, it is a simple idea that came while scrolling through Quora.

Re-Telling Tales is an upcoming blog/website that partner with our website PenPencilReview in upbringing the creativity of writers and pre-published authors.

A photograph is a work of art and science. Art appeals to you on an emotional level while the science helps in enhancing the artistic appeal.

We believe that a picture could tell you more than a short story. It doesn’t matter what the picture about..but how your imagination is correlated with the picture is the point to be noted. The viewpoint will be different for two different people. 


How does It work?

There will be an image uploaded on that website every Sunday, you get a week to write a story related to the image uploaded and you need to publish it in your blogs. They will be giving the image HTML link, so rather than uploading the image to your website you can use that HTML link and display the image from their servers.

Once you publish the post in your blog, you have to fill a form displayed on the same page, linking to the page you have published the article(story).

Are There Any Rewards?

The answer you all have been for. Yes, there will be rewards for the best story written.

A weekly winner will be selected from the best 10 posts(Short story). The winning post will be published on our website PenPencilReview with a link to your original post.

Once in every two months, a winner will be selected from the set of weekly winners. They will be getting an Amazon Gift Card. These winners will be selected randomly using

The site is live already. Competitions to start from Oct 1, 2017. So make sure you follow us and keep updated.

Make sure you read through their ToS and PrivacyPolicy.

You can visit the website here.

Wait! Do you have some ideas to suggest?


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