Rich Dad Poor Dad

RichDadPoorDadEveryone needs to make money, but none of us know how.The author has done a very wonderful job on describing what we learn at school and what they don’t teach.The author Robert Kiyosaki is a half American, half Japanese one. He has written around 26 books.

The Protagonist starts the story with an example of his childhood. When his classmates went for a vacation trip, they didn’t invite the author and his friend Mike because of the reason that they were not rich. So the author goes to his real father (poor one) and asked about how to become rich? His dad sent him to Mike’s dad, who is a rich businessman. Then a series of exercise start for the author and Mike.

Rich dad offers some advice in the return of some work. The trick of a certain kind and the negotiation that takes place between them is kind of awesome and really helpful if you want to be an Entrepreneur. The author is against the society’s fixed formula go to school, get good grades, get to the college, get a decent job, earn ample amount of money for the security of the so-called future. The author thinks that phenomenon reflects the middle-class mindset. The author is deeply affected by this statement of his rich dad so much that he repeats this sentence like 1000 times in the entire book. Rich dad thinks that this cycle type statement was taught by the professors in the school. But nobody teaches how to actually make money in the real life apart from this single cycle. Rich dad also explains the difference between the assets and the liabilities and also explains the importance of assets.

The comparison between the ideas of rich and poor dad seems worthy and opens up a new path to think on because one can never learn such things while being scholastic. The asset and liability are main and critical factors to create the difference. Simplest definitions of both are also given like asset is which puts money in the pocket while liability is which takes money from the pocket. The whole fund is to add the money to your asset column and then it will generate income for you automatically. Don’t rely on liabilities.

At the end, I would like to say that there are points on which you agree and on some, you don’t, but also keep in mind that this book is published first in 1997. A lot has been changed in the last 20 years. So it’s not necessary that everything author provides whether it is a trick or an information that can be applied to the today’s world.

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A successful American businessman, motivational speaker, radio personality and self-help author, Robert T. Kiyosaki wears many hats. A well-known writer who can inspire readers with his words, his book Rich Dad Poor Dad advocates the importance of financial independence and is arguably based on his own life.


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