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What articles are we looking for?

  • Books And Authors – Book Reviews(300-500 words), Author Interviews,
  • Poems and Short Stories
  • Random Blabber- Related with books, marketing, publishing etc.
  • Guest Posts
  • Scribbled Quotes

How does it work for us?

  • For all scribblers who wish to contribute for the first 3 categories mentioned above make sure you log-in and post your articles from the dashboard.
  • For Guest Posting, you can submit the article in the form below. You are allowed to add 1 backlink to your blog. You will hear from us in 2 weeks about your idea or article. Once it is published you have the sole ownership of the article and you can request us to take down the article anytime after one year. Make sure you haven’t published the same article anywhere else, we would like to maintain exclusivity, you are allowed to publish the same in your personal blog after 2 weeks from when it is published with us.
  • For Scribbled Quotes, can submit your quote scribbled on any image in the form below.It will be published within a day. In case you are submitting ONLY the quote in the form below we will be adding an image and it will be published within 2 days. Make sure to mention your name under the quote.



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