Served With Love By Priyanka S Menon

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The very first thought that came to my mind when I saw this book cover is the plot of the movie Ustad Hotel(Malayalam). It revolves around the story of a chef and his grandfather. To all those who haven’t watched that movie, you should watch that movie at-least once.

I had great expectations for this book when I ordered it online. Either because of her first book The One That Got Away or because of the movie Ustad Hotel. This book didn’t fail my expectations. This book is definitely a one time readable for all those romance lovers and especially for those food lovers.

When Amazon suggested me TheOne, I thought her to be an accidental author. Not soon I read that book I had to change be opinion. Right now I do wish to read more of her books. I read this book 2 months before and still I do remember the story as it is.

ServedWith is completely scripted on the three pillars, Food, Love, And Travel. This is a tale of two characters finding each other thought the journey of food and travel.

Abhimanyu Dev, our main male character in this story, is a 40-year-old chef, who was orphaned early, brought up by his grandfather. He presently runs a hotel(Chain of hotels Dev Intercontinental). Being the chef of his hotel, he employs Pakhi, as his assistant. Pakhi used to be a chef at Leela Palace Bengaluru before she had to quit the job to be the guardian of her niece Abhithi after the death of her brother and sister in law. Her fiancé doesn’t like her breakup with him in order to take care of her niece and he wants to take revenge on Pakhi and Abhithi.

Though initially, they fight over small things they are attracted to each other. Pakhi has no place in her life for distraction and Dev does not believe in love. To him, Pakhi is the kind of woman you took home to your family but he’s afraid to take the first step. And Pakhi loves her niece too much to give her up for someone. Abhi and Pakhi rarely see eye to eye. Yet there are two things that bind them – foodie meals and their love for Abhithi.When Abhithi is kidnapped, it brings Abhi and Pakhi together as they follow the kidnapper to find Abhithi.

The book is beautiful, the story, the dialogues, the descriptions. The characters are beautifully carved out. You feel as if you knew them in reality. Except at some places, where I felt the story narration to be somewhat filmy, this is an interesting read.

Overall, it was a good read. Here’s to much more from Ms. Menon. Looking forward to Book 4!

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