Social Media For Aspiring Authors

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We have already discussed the importance of the brand called you and your book as a product.There is certain minimum effort you need to take before being an author. There we mentioned the importance of Social Media for an Author. Here we are going deep on the importance of social media.

Writing a book is not an easy task, with the subject and ideas in your hand, it also consumes a lot of time and energy. There was a time when writers after having finished the book didn’t have to worry over how to market it, publishers would do the job for them. Times have changed, a writer’s job doesn’t end at finishing the book, this is true not only for indie writers but also for agency published books.

A book needs through activities until it attains a wide enough reach. Social media is the modern platform for general communication. It has instant global reach, people like and share what they like in social media more than they talk in person. Hence social media is where you display your digital content, generate a chatter about it and engage with your audience.

Facebook is the ideal place for sharing your articles, write a captivating title and share it. Create hashtagged campaigns with catchy names, run contests and give free e-books and ask them to write a review.

Twitter is an ideal place for a writer to start talking to the target audience. Start with following like minded people and fellow writers, Twitter will start suggesting which accounts to follow based on your choice. Grow your following and post frequent and meaningful tweets. Twitter is ideal for short text based communication, watch the replies and respond to them proactively.

Create accounts on LinkedIn as well, Goodreads lets authors create their profile where they can promote their books. Sharing your digital content does not always equal to selling it, don’t push people to buy it but share it and make them part of the story.

Instagram: A newbie in social media, but has a great importance in author branding. Recently they were bought by Facebook. They knew how fast Instagram was growing. A simple android application for picture sharing but a great growth tool for business.

Pinterest: An image sharing tool like Instagram, with a high backlink guarantee. If you add your book images in Pinterest, chances are more that those images are going to pop-up first when you search for your book or your name.

Linking your website or blogs to the above social media sites, and publishing post in social media helps in more interaction with your social media followers and they become your advertisers without any cost and this continues.

Social Media is becoming incrementally essential for any profession now, for sellers of digital content like e-books these platforms provide free promotion, but the free promotion is utilized by thousand others and it makes the task challenging.Keep the ball rolling.


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