The Four Patriots By Sumit Agarwal

Four Patriots 195x300 - The Four Patriots By Sumit AgarwalVarun, an NRI software engineer; Salman, CEO of Coffee Moments; Raghav, a virtuous politician and Aditya, an altruistic businessman, under the guidance of Dr. Sabarwal brings the change that we carelessly branded as impossible.  The plot sprouts with the tale of four boys, who are crestfallen with the lack of system and moreover absence of governance.

Unsecure with the ever-rising popularity and acceptance of the four patriots, several anti-national and opposition elements vent their jealousy by kidnapping, planning,  plotting and finally attempting murder.

Filled with suspense, action and nail biting, an edge of the seat moments, Four Patriots is a dream that every Indian grudgingly tries to ignore staying “Is Desh Ka Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta’. If you have a tiny place in your heart that thinks someday something will happen, you will definitely enjoy the book. There are a lot of thrilling instances throughout the book. The first day in the parliament is depicted in such a way that readers can apparently see four guys in Black Kurta and Jeans coming forth. It was a brilliant idea of the author to set the story in 2022 so that some of the mismatches can be justified. The cover image perfectly blends with the storyline. Some of the events in the plot were too imaginative that it was difficult to relate it with reality. Author failed convincingly to portray the love lives of the four boys in the patriotic canvas. My rating 3.5

Overall the book is a not bad entertainer.

About The Book:

Paperback:306 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Language: English

About The Author:

A graduate from IIT Kanpur, Sumit Agarwal is a successful businessman. He is also a music composer, lyricist, singer, actor and writer. His music videos can be viewed on his YouTube channel, or on his website
Sumit runs an NGO, Prerna ( Among its many social welfare initiatives, the NGO has adopted ten government primary schools, in order to facilitate quality education. He is also the founder of Kasauti, a consortium of NGOs formed to aid clean and answerable politics.

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