The One That Got Away- Priyanka S Menon

The One That Got Away

When I bought this book from Amazon I saw someone commented this as UNPUTDOWNABLE I have the same feeling once I finished the story. I had my exams going when I started this book. I wasn’t in any mood to study that night, so out of boredom, I started reading this book. Well, who doesn’t like the story of two best friends who fall in love? To be frank I didn’t study that night. I completed the whole book that night itself. Randomly someone reminds me of the exams but I was completely glued. Whenever I close this book to study, the plot runs in my brain. Closes my textbook and start reading it again. Well, I completed the book within that night. I somewhat screwed my semester exam that happened next day.

 I love reading Indian authors and that too who have already made a name. When I first came to this product page there were limited reviews, even though the reviews are pretty good, all those thinking started in my head why so fewer reviews for a book. Well, as always took the risk and bought the book.This book again made me change my method of reading books only after reading the book after reading almost every review.

Even though the number of reviews for this book is not much when compared to other books that are suggested, This one is a fine reading. You will fall in love with the characters once you cover the initial 10 pages. Well, who doesn’t have best-friend like him/her? The one with whom you are ready to do all the mischiefs in the world and sit as if nothing has happened. It brings back all the nostalgia you had with your best friend.

As I saw people commenting in the authors FB page and even the author herself admitted in her FB post about some scenes like DDLJ. I still love watching that movie even today. I feel like watching them for the first time even though I’m watching it the 100th time(Ok I admit I am bragging a little 😉 ).

Even though it is her debut novel, she had that magic in joining the dots so perfectly. The narration is simply superb. There is nothing extra in it but it glues you till the end. If you can’t read it in one stretch don’t even think of opening this book. You may need to read it from the beginning to enjoy the flow of narration if you stop it in the middle.

Even though this has fewer reviews, maybe because she is new in this industry, this is a damn good read for everyone who enjoys reading romance. I didn’t know this was released in Oct 2015. Why Amazon never suggested this before 🙁

It is a must read and I do recommend this for everyone out there.

I still have this plot in my head. I can’t start to enjoy another book with some other plot in the head.I may have to wait longer for starting the next book

Cheers readers 🙂

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Priyanka Menon is a romance writer and spoken word poet. Her love for romance novels goes back almost two decades when she was gifted her first romance novel for clearing her 10th board exams.She published her first book The One That Got Away in 2015. Her second novel Served With Love is now published .She credits her writing powers to red velvet pastries and white chocolate mochas at Starbucks. When she is not penning love stories or writing poetry, Priyanka teaches advertising to college students.

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