Wait! Aspiring Writer


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Many a time I’ve seen the words “aspiring writer” in Twitter bios, Facebook profiles, blog pages, everywhere that have space for people to describe themselves.

Seriously guys! Aspiring writer

The word ‘Aspire’ means to have a plan and ‘writer’ is one who writes. If we put those together, that means an aspiring writer is a person who plans, or hopes to write but doesn’t actually write.

The day when you dreamed of being a writer, you actually became one. Just hasn’t published yet.

Writers—real writers, those who can ditch the “aspiring” label are the ones who make the time to write. That’s it. That’s all we have to do to call ourselves writers.

It's time to should out loud to the world that you're an author, a pre-published one. It’s time to change those description bios to a pre-published author.

Do you use the “aspiring” label, and if so why? Do you call yourself a writer or an author (or both)? What do those words mean to you?

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