What should I Go With, An E-book Or Paperback?

As an author what what format should I go with?In the past, the traditional publishing house used to release the paperback first, followed by a less expensive ebook. They still have the same procedure on the release.

One of our recently published posts describes the future and cons of self-publishing.Some people assume self-publishing is only ebooks, while others assume it’s only paperbacks. The truth is you can have either or both, and even a hardcover.

As a self-published author, what format should I release? Should a print book be released prior to ebook?

Most of the first authors go with an ebook. For they argue it provides a free platform to publish and promote. They wanted the book to be available quickly with a minimum of delay. You have a chance to reach a wider audience.

The answer to the question eBook or print book is “both.” Some readers are paperback lovers. They need to feel the book when reading.Some readers are ebook lovers. They only download as an ebook and then read. In my case, it all depends on my mood while reading. I read both ebook and paperback.

However, the process of self-publishing an eBook and a print book is slightly different. You will probably need to take your final edited manuscript and subject it to two separate preparation processes.

Getting your manuscript eBook ready for publication means the manuscript must be formatted in a machine-readable format,  you will also need to add links, similar to website links, so the reader can click and find key places in the book.

 If you are getting your print book ready, you need to ensure that your document is formatted to the correct size for your printed pages, that your font and character sizes all look exactly as you expect in the book,

I suggest the best way once you have a final edited manuscript is to launch the eBook first. The preparation process for an eBook is quite fast as there is only a limited amount of formatting allowed and you can use free preview tools.Once you have the eBook out there you can focus on taking the same manuscript and formatting it for the physical book. This process takes longer and you need to have a budget upfront.


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