Why Is Everyone Talking About Author Website?

Need for author websiteYou’ve written your book. You’ve published it. Congratulations! So…what’s next?

Why not start with a website?

As Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, once said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. The best way to market yourself is to build your brand.

A website is your most powerful tool for communication.A website is a unique way to connect with the world.

There is no space better than the Internet to immediately get in touch with a broad international audience at an extremely limited cost.There’s no way better than the Internet to publish your images, and videos about your upcoming books and trailers.

Part of this is building your personal brand. That’s right, brands aren’t just for multinational corporations to slap on packaging and billboards. Building your personal brand lets readers know you outside of your book and helps you connect with them and build relationships.Websites and social media have made this easier than ever because it allows you to directly share your thoughts with people. If you have a marketing strategy that doesn’t involve a website, you’re missing out on a lot.

Following are some reasons why you need a website:

Your readers want to learn more about you – Your readers want to know you. They want to know your interests and value. Your website is the place where readers find out more about you and your expertise. Your website is where you build your brand and keep your content alive in real time.As you develop a blog you can regularly reach out to your readers with the content of value. Your website houses your content for your email newsletters. And if you want your blog to get more views, you want to be able to share it on social media sites.

Building a community – Whether you’re writing your first book or your fifth in a series, you want to get the word out. Even if you only have a static website (with no blog), potential readers will want to be the first to know about your upcoming publication. That is where the importance of mailing list comes. Without a website, it would be difficult to collect email addresses on a consistent basis or have a home base for the content you send out in those emails.You can offer a free sample chapter or some other material as an incentive for signing up.

A place for e-commerce – You can integrate your website with shopping cart tools, add new products all the time. Your website can include testimonials from your super fans, solidifying your brand, expertise and the products you offer.A website is a great way to announce book events and special sales.

A website with a blog – This acts as a canvas for your best work.This is important for new writers. Even if you don’t have any clips or have only a few, your website and blog serve as evidence of your writing skills.If you’re a new writer, a website with a blog gives you a chance to practice your craft. Develop confidence. Get feedback from family, friends, and new readers who stop by. Meet other writers.Even if you’re the biggest introvert in the world and shy on top of it, maintaining a blog gets you—and your writing—in front of people without actually getting face-to-face. Sure, you might be way out of your comfort zone. But if you want to succeed as a writer, maintaining a blog is a great confidence-builder.


Why take a hit on your digital reputation – Not having a website could be viewed as unprofessional, out-of-date, and not connected. Publishers who want you to be a marketing partner for your book may see your lack of a website as a reason not to take you seriously as a writer.

If you want to grow your brand and your business, you need to show up with a website.

Your website doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can keep it simple. WordPress is often recommended as a hosting platform because it’s author friendly, easy to use and easy for people to find.




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